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Our Philosophy

Our service philosophy for all real estate valuations rests on a combination of having the right people, the right processes and an organizational commitment to customer service excellence. With a network of skilled appraisers and brokers working in Southern California, our in-house team to perform exception-based BPO review and complete review of all appraisals, we deliver accurate, thorough reporting every time without sacrificing valuable turn times.

With over 30 years of industry experience, ValuationSouthwest, INC has provided the highest quality valuations and consulting services in Southern California. The company’s core business model is centered on providing values and price opinions for residential and commercial properties, but it can provide values for a broad scope of properties, from the routine single-family residence to more exotic assets such as golf courses, yachts, and even amusement parks. ValuationSouthwest, INC's primary work is divided between origination/refinance and default/REO. This segmentation provides an order balance that keeps the firm growing, regardless of market challenges.

ValuationSouthwest, INC was established in 2009 by a licensed appraiser. The privately held corporation is still led by its founder, Charles Drown, who serves as president and CEO and is an MAI-designated appraiser. Initially, the firm focused on providing local appraisal services throughout Southern California, using in-house staff appraisers. Within a few years, at the behest of satisfied clients who wanted the same levels of quality and customer service outside of the region, ValuationSouthwest, INC expanded its footprint by providing services throughout the Western United States. By 2015, the firm had become a nationwide provider of valuations—first supplying appraisals and later expanding to offer a full range of valuation products and consulting services.






Quality. Consistancy.

ValuationSouthwest, INC brings decades of experience to every client request. The company’s strong fabric of performance-based professional valuation services reflects its commitment to providing an exceptional client experience and reports that are consistent, credible, and reliable.

ValuationSouthwest, INC is consistently rated “Top Performer” in Quality, Customer Service and On-Time Delivery by each of these clients, both on its monthly scorecards and in client meetings. Because ValuationSouthwest, INC places a premium on the quality and turn-time of its work, its predominant focus is on operational processes. The company offers its clients scalable vendor management and ordering technology platforms, leading subject matter expertise, and local market knowledge within our communities through its panel of licensed and certified appraisers and brokers.

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